Storm Combo, Bedford, NS

Time to get a "storm combo" and some "storm chips"

Time to get a “storm combo” and some “storm chips”

The term “storm chips” was coined in 2014 by  CBC radio host Stephanie Domet. It refers to people stocking up on potato chips and other snacks in advance of a snow storm.

Rebecca Rupp writes, “What most of us do buy in the face of impending blizzard is usually not what we should buy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has an extensive list of supplies to have on hand for winter weather, which includes canned goods, crackers, dried fruit, infant food and formula (should there be a baby in the house), and bottled water. Other what-to-buy-for-a-blizzard lists recommend such sturdy, non-perishable items as peanut butter, canned soup and chili, beans, trail mix, canned tuna, and protein bars. In the event of awful weather, the consensus is, it’s a good idea to have on hand a supply of low-maintenance stuff that you don’t have to cook.”

We get our share of winter storms here in the Maritimes and storm chips have become a phenomenon. New Brunswick company Covered Bridge has even come out with a flavour called Storm Chips.  So I wasn’t surprised to see a sign advertising a Storm Combo. There is a big winter storm coming tonight–time to get a good “storm book” and some “storm coffee.”


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