Katowice, Poland, 1993

Szewczyk Square, Katowice, Poland, 1993,

from the archives

This photo came about quite by accident. I was kicked off the train in the middle of the night, not knowing I needed a visa to enter the Czech Republic. So, I wound up in this Polish border town with time to fill, as it was a weekend followed by a public holiday.

I’m glad that circumstances led me to this this place, and this particular photo. For in it, I see the infinite possibilities of space and time. I see humanity in full bloom, and I see the unique glow of the beloved, now departed, Kodachrome. As I gaze at this photo (seemingly for hours), I am stuck by the thought that I will likely never return to Szewczyk Square.

From the series: “Scattershot: A Journey Through Time and Place” (1976-2016)


2 thoughts on “Katowice, Poland, 1993

  1. the beauty of space and time in the human mind, and the minds infinite possibilities is that you have returned to Szewczyk Square, and the beauty is you have brought us with you, all with the magic of Kodachrome and a box with a lens carried by an Artist

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