Edward Burtynsky and Marcus Schubert, 1984

Edward Burtynsky, Marcus Schubert, photo exhibition, New Image Gallery, Toronto, 1984,

At the opening of their exhibition at New Image Gallery, Toronto

Edward Burtynsky and Marcus Schubert at the opening of their exhibition at New Image Gallery, Toronto, 1984.
New Image Studio and Gallery was a project started by me, Bill Knetsch, and Jamie Corby in 1982, when we were students at Ryerson. We had monthly exhibitions by photographers, most of whom were Ryerson students or staff.
The space featured a large studio space as well as living quarters. Located in the then-funky Junction area in Toronto’s west end, it was completely out of step with the rest of the neighborhood. For five years or so, it was a happening spot!
Edward Burtynsky has gone on to become Canada’s preeminent photographer. He is the recipient of the Order of Canada, and TED Prize, and his work is in over fifty museums around the world. Marcus Schubert is a photographer, sculptor and educator and was formerly principal curator for the American Visionary Art Museum, in Baltimore, Maryland. He has worked full-time at the Burtynsky Studio since 2002. They have remained close friends since their days at Ryerson. I‘m proud of the fact that they had one of their first exhibitions in our little gallery.



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