August Window

black and white, photo, window view,

Newport, Nova Scotia


4 thoughts on “August Window

  1. I am a poet whose work is quite often visually inspired. I hope it is not too presumptuous of me to present you with my interpretation of your beautiful piece of work. Also I would like to use it at some point in the future to accompany the poem giving you all the due credit as well as the link to your site. >KB


    Do I go to it, knowing there will be nothing new
    To see past the barrier of glass, the wall
    Keeping the world at bay, at a distance I can live from?

    The weather has not changed for years, or have I
    Lived the same day over and over again,
    Only recognize in myself the growing smaller
    Against the ambient light that might be false
    As the only difference to mark a form of time
    Selfish with invisibility and inviolable to my emotions?

    Staying here, inside, marking the window as my only hope
    The life I live is not a lie listening to itself repeat
    What it claims to be the truth that outside the air
    Is a dangerous place to venture into, is deadly to breathe
    And could kill the isolation I’ve let breed me
    So the offspring of my thought never differs
    From the beliefs that are only stories
    I have heard second hand coming from the corners
    And the proof that beyond the window
    My fear waits for me keeping me from breaking out.

    Artwork by, Avard Woolaver

      • Thank you. I hope you found the poem to your liking somewhat, and perhaps if I was lucky to capture the spirit behind the impetus for the photo. I saw it on my reader and just knew there was a poem in it. About 90-95 of my inspiration comes from a visual genesis. If you visit my sight I rarely go looking for a graphic to fit a poem. I usually have the graphic first and work from there. If you ever wish to collaborate on a B &W photo/word project let me know. I work 10 -12 hours at least everyday at my writing in one form or another. Ego aside I am considered a very good poet–eclectic and innovative without being gimmicky. I have just recently had a breakthrough in writing Jazz poetry as well as prose poems–though none of either of these have been posted yet. I have not introduced them to my readers. Best >KB

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